Security Guards

We know that the appointment of Static Security Guards can be an essential element to your security and we are confident that we can select the right highly motivated and fully trained SIA approved individual to guard your premises to the highest level.

Wherever possible we will select the individual they we feel will be most suited for that required task location. The Security guard receives on-site training, and will also be required to carry out the relevant patrols and checks as directed to ensure that the property remains secure at all times.

We also have strict requirement in place on all task locations for the officer to book on and off duty, as well as hourly check calls with the 24hour Control centre. They are also required to complete an assignment log for each duty patrol. The assignment log remains on site for viewing by the client at anytime.

Examples of where these services can be applied;

  • Security Concierge
  • Hotel Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Commercial / Office Security