Residential Security Ltd provides a wide range of bespoke security services, designed for Private & commercial companies as well as individual clients. Our operatives have the experience and in depth knowledge of both the private security industry worldwide and are trained to the highest standard. All our Security personnel (both Male & Female) hold a valid Security Industry Authority License in accordance to regulation & standards set by UK Law in 2006.

Between us we have an astounding language capability, so whether the client speaks English, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Swahili or Hebrew, if required we will endeavour to have at least one member of the team who can act as interpreter. In addition, our collective international experience ensures that we are always sensitive to the needs of different cultures and religions.

The experience of our operatives derive from backgrounds of elite units within the British Armed Forces (Including SAS, Parachute Regiment, Royal Military Police & Royal Marines) French Foreign Legion Civilian police and security services, this experience combined with commercial security knowledge, understanding and extensive practice has enabled us to focus and adapt to any given situation and to provide a solution quickly and effectively to security issues across the spectrum.

Our clients include Middle Eastern royal families, overseas government ministers, high-profile international business executives, and Professional sport Men & Women entertainment celebrities and news media individuals.

No contract is too large or small for us to handle. Whether you require a Close Protection Team for a business visit to a high-risk hostile environment, or Residential Security to look after your family & assets while away conducting Business or Pleasure Residential Security ltd can provide the tailor-made service you need.

We exercise client confidentiality and a high degree of professionalism at all times as standard procedure within our service. All of our personnel are diplomatic, discreet, courteous, and respectful and appropriately dressed for any occasion be it overt or covert